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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  January 15, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>> the drum roll please. curtains pulled off two major surprise events. concept trucks at ford, and facebook's latest twist on social media. good afternoon, everybody. i'm liz claman, the last hour of trading, and "countdown to the closing bell" begins right now. the big stories in a minute, first, the markets. a wishy washy day. the dow hit the highs of the session, okay, only 13 points. we'll take it at the moment. now it's 1516. as it climbs. the nasdaq is languishing, and part of that, of course, is apple. apple is the real drag on the nasdaq with the stock breaking decisively below the $500 a share level. this number here, 11 month lows, and earlier today, at 484, you know the story. apple suppliers cutting back on production due to weaker than anticipated iphone5 demand, and then on top of that, china, flashing estimates lowering
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targets to $530 to $600 a share. meantime, below all of that anyway. facebook reversed course. the stock down, been turning back and forth on a dime. now right around 1 p.m. eastern, selling picked up, facebook trading at session lows on pretty significant volume. some might say monster volume, more than a hundred million shares moving on the stock. okay. ceo mark zuckerberg to see what facebook's building event. they built it up. they unvailed the plan, not a phone. people thought it was a phone. not search, not even a new messaging app for the ipad. it was social search, a partnership with microsoft so you can search around the actual site for things like pictures and postings and things like that, but the fact that it ws no web search engine was good enough initially for google investors, but google pulled back a bit, but at the moment, google, the blue line there, not
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doing much. folks realized facebook can still monetize all its data and user bases so facebook stabilizing, but the threat of graph search where you can search on your social network was enough to send yelp reeling down a seven and third percent. they are down because they are linked to the idea that facebook is also rolling out a new recruiting tool. that's not helping. a bit of a disappointment in market reaction to facebook, but what's it mean over the long haul for fb? web bush securities managing director joining me now in a fox business exclusive. you got a buy rating issue $37 a share price target. gut reaction on the news. hoping it was more or okay with it? >> i was convinced it was not something more. this is two weeks before earnings. they were not going to announce
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anything with major financial impact. i thought it was either cure rated search or something with instagram with the timing and term of use. we talked about may -- liz: define that term. >> it's called graph search. search only of things that you're already allowed to see so if you have a friend on facebook five years and posts once a day, they have thousands of posts. if you want to find something they posted a long time ago, type in a search term, and you find thing that friend and other friends posted. liz: i can't believe you didn't do that in the first place though. >> something they should have done which i think is why microsoft invested in them early. they wanted to use the binge search engine, which is looks like they are doing. i think the hook here is that makes you, as a user, far more relevant to advertisers because they know what you look for and what you focus on. they can refine that immensely. ultimately, they are probably a
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substitute for yelp. ultimately, they are a threat to google, although it's not web search, just searching friends. liz: no wonder yelp falling 7%. does facebook fall into i'm trying to be like apple, i'm making a imig build up to the announcement when apple usually has the goods behind the promise. people seem to be a little disappointed about this. you are not too upset, but when you do this, you become what have you done for me lately stock. people expect more and more. should they take the tack of waiting until you see what big surprise we unvail? does that set them up for a fall? >> i think that the media, you know, feeds into that. i mean, the media buys into it. liz: at least we didn't have a pro moe about it. we talked about it, but -- >> one, it makings the user experience stickier so they are
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more engaged. that's a great thing. liz: okay. >> second, it offers a search opportunity to sell advertising telling you what the users are doing. it's a big deal, but nobody appreciates that yet. liz: can't talk facebook without talking about the monetizing search thing. people are missing the point, and facebook is actually doing well monetizing mobile. i believe in the third quarter, last quarter rather, 150 million in mobile revenue and doing well overall in ad revenue; correct? are you comfortable with the numbers? >> yes, what we really want to see is facebook ultimately probably double the mon tar -- monnization in the u.s. and bring it up to the old u.s. level, bring the rest up to europe's level. if so, it's $15 bhl #* billion in revenue. it's a big, big company. liz: a billion people globally, and social baker did research, and it showed, i don't know if you saw this, but that 1.4 # million users were shed in december on facebook.
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that could be the people on vacation or whatever, but is that a worry? >> well, facebook is systematically deleting fake accounts so part of it is that because they are trying -- liz: 1.4 million or is that not disconcerning. >> that's a tenth of a percent. not disconcerning at all. liz: just don't see that often with facebook. >> i have a facebook friend with the last name of long beach, waiting for her to delete her. i just gave her a shoutout. liz: as we finish up, not raising or lowering the price target? >> not on this news, no, no. i want earnings, see the road map for 2013. liz: web bush securities managing director, the pack attack, is it a blog, a report? >> it's a five minute a week video on the games industry. liz: watch it. good to see you, michael. >> thank you. liz: to the floor show, teddy, always press the "like" button
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on you, but you we're close to the highs of the session, 18 appointments, coming up on different issues in the market. what's got your eye? >> smack dab in the middle of earnings, tomorrow is a big day, financial stocks tomorrow, and i think, you know, if we can put our wonderful politicians aside and the dysfunctional games they are playing again over this -- liz: expecting surprises? >> well, i would like to think that we might get positive surprises. we'll have to wait and see, but on balance, liz, we talked in the past about forty quarter earnings, and third quarter was okay. i think fourth quarter's going to be a bit of a struggle, and i think it's all about the guidance going forward. you know, the economy, you know, two steps forward, one step back, and corporate america can't carry the water. it will be difficult for the market, and priced pretty much
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to perfection at the current level with popular averages, not leaving room for disappointment. liz: hate one step forward, two back -- >> no, the other way. liz: either way, not moving fast. is that at a decent clip? >> actually, that's something we talked about last week on the show, and what we're looking at, again, south africa, right now, the mining situation is getting worse and worse, and -- liz: labor issues? >> the strikes, strikes, labor issues, and a threat that some of the major companies are shutting down the mines until they resolve this. we'll have a shortage in these areas, and, also, seeing platinum taking a bit of a piggy back ride up. it's at the 1680s mirroring where gold is now. silver is joining along for the ride. we're seeing a lot happening with the precious metals. liz: platinum is higher than gold for the first time in ten
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months. do you care? is that significant? it's 1682 against 1680, two bucks, not a huge deal, but something to point out. >> it's not a big difference, but china is crapping -- cranking up. platinum is more of a precious metal than gold is. let me see my watch and rings. china is cranking it up again. there's demand for it, same with the silver. there's that aspect, definitely, and platinum will break the $1700 before gold will, but gold will be there with it. liz: okay. so much money to buy gasoline, elliot. to see that continue to fall is encouraging, certainly, but what's the broader story that we don't want to miss? >> well, you know what? i'm not exactly sure what the broader story is, but i think everything we read about energy production has the united states becoming one of the leading energy producers over the next several years. crude trading at $93.
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i think it's a sale. i think -- natural gas rally up 10% in the last week or something, and -- but i -- liz: elliot, you know, natural gas broke my heart. you break my heart over and over. >> get in line. liz: you think something happens, and it doesn't. >> natural gas is over priced, and watch that platinum-geld thing. platinum should be over gold. i don't know what they were saying with silver having industrial uses also, but not since photography we want to digital have i seen uses for silver, at least, you know, on the day-to-day thing, but i think energy's over priced and gold is coming back in line with that platinum thing. liz: the platinum is the go-to metal with jewelry. >> platinum, you know, they use gold in catalytic converters or something? liz: no, they use palladium. >> oh, palladium.
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okay. all i know is there's plenty of gold on the planet, no shortage of gold. liz: gary, we had a cad littic converter on the -- catalytic converter on set once. great to see you. >> thanks, liz. lizly we'll haul that out. liz: closing bell in 49 minutes. floor keeps rolling. business is pretty good. demand picking up. ford talking about new concept trucks at the detroit auto show, but will you ever see it on your dealership pro? going to the source on that, ford ceo, alan mulallay. that's on a fox business exclusive. nice chart at a 52-week high. ♪
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liz: all right. just taking a look at the dow jones industrials here, 18 points, not bad at all, and now this is stuck. all right. i don't know if we can animate what we have for the power mover, but it's express. look at the shares of the
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apparel maker, up 20% right now. the story with express is positive guidance that express raised fourth quarter numbers and full year forecast thanks to strong holiday sales and growth in its internet business. not bad at all. express now sees 2012 earnings of a dollar-fifty, a dollar-fifty, six a share. actually, the streak was at a dollar-fifty. ups responded to the news by raising its price target, and what they want on express is $18 a share from 17. right now, it's $17.31, and that it is now, up a big 23%. what a different story for at letica down 2.taking a hit. nicole, the yoga gear makes us like skinny, but what happened here? >> something popular, the stock's been up over the last year, but the sales number trailing the analysts'
3:18 pm
estimates, and we are seeing the stock being under significant pressure today, down 3.8%. now, i don't want to waste another moment with great guests here. they are from west point, the united states military academy, joined by two colonels with them here today. they attend the academy, john yores and seniors, visiting the floor, and then they serve the country for five years and get down to business. we wanted to thank our u.s. servicemen and women, and from west point, and we always do that here on the fox business network, and, of course, over at west point, they get loud. all right, guys, do your crant. i'll get out of the way, go! >> go army! beat navy! [cheers and applause] liz: we are proud. they get a big applause here on fox business.
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our appreciation to the west point cadets. thanks so much for serving our nation. getting to forted. ford unvailed the future of ford pickup truckings today at the detroit auto show. earlier, i spoke exclusively in the wake of this to the ford ceo and president, alan mulally asking him what the favorite feature of the new concept truck is. look at that! >> i think the neatest thing that we're communicating with the new atlas concept is what we'll do on further improving the capability, but also the fuel efficiency and the safety features, but most importantly, being seamlessly connected to the internet so that everybody can use this for all the construction work that this ford f-series is known for. liz: 53% of the f-series trucks ordered in the past year were v-6's. clearly, that's what the customer wants, save on gas, but stillment the power. will you be able to deliver that? >> liz, absolutely.
3:20 pm
we sure will, and to your point, that's exactly the essence of the truck is because with the e ecoboost engine and turbo charging, we move from v-8s to v6s and further down. you have lower torque, great for capability, but a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency with that too and lower c02. liz: looks and smells like a vehicle made for a contractor. that leads to the question, you must believe that contractors are doing better in the construction industry at this point, that the economy might be coming back, that they have enough money to trade in the old f-series or buy a new one flat out. can you say from where you stand the auto industry can be married, in a way, with the housing industry and it's stable? >> everything we see now is there's a gradual expansion, and with that comes the industry. our full-size pickup is up nearly 40%. it's an important product for the consumers, and part of
3:21 pm
economic development in the construction industry. we believe we'll hit the market at the right time with this increase in fuel efficiency and capability with the f-series. liz: last year, you sold 645,000 of the f-series truck. 2005 the peak was 2.5 million. can you get back to 2.5 million at some point, alan? >> it will be awhile before we get there. looking at the inherent demand, and especially the fact that the average age of vehicles is over 11 years old, as you know, that there's a lot of room to replace those older vehicles, and, today, with the improvement of fuel efficiency and quality and reliability, we can economically obsolete an older vehicle with new vehicles. there's a lot of pinned up demand. we see the market expanding with the economic development, but the most important thing is that we need to expand the economy in a much faster rate than the 2.5 and get back to the rate that can bring down unemployment and get the economy growing again
3:22 pm
which is up in the four and 4.5% expansion rate. liz: that said, in between that and now, you guys certainly look like you are growing. so much so you were going to hire 2200 white collar employees. i think that's great, certainly, hiring here in america, but, alan, i started to think, does that mean ford is fattening up to the levels of the pre-mulally years where ford got in trouble like the other automakers. don't risk getting so big you cut jobs; correct? how do you strait l the line? >> no, absolutely. that's a lesson learned that actually we, the fundamental transformation of ford was to size the production and capability to the real demand. we've been careful to keep break evens low and use completely our assets, and so this hiring allows us to go up in production and launch the vehicles people
3:23 pm
want. we are laser focused on that going forward to your point. liz: still dead on the books, obviously. you worked hard to bring that down to improve the credit rating of ford. what are you doing now looking at what is a sizable chunk of debt? >> started with nearly $36 billion in debt, and we reduced that debt now to $14 billion, and the mid-decade guidance had a target of around $10 billion which is right for the capital structure, so we are doing very well on moving forward with our capital structure. we have been able to reinstate the dividend. we just announced we're going to double the dividend going forward, and the strait ji is to maintain that dividend through the cycle. liz: building plants in the u.s.? >> right now, our assets, in good shape. when we restructured ourselves over the last six years, we also thought ahead where the industry would go as the economy came back up, and so what we're doing now is really adding second and third shifts, and we think we have that capacity just about
3:24 pm
right for now. liz: the u.s. government, have you worked well with them? what's the tone as we continue now as we see four more years with president obama, obviously, the treasury secretary's moving on at some point, but, you know, how is that relationship with ford, one of our star manufacturers in the country? >> well, as you know, liz, i've been pleased to support the economic council, also the export council, and i really have been pleased to be part of that solution to talk about the importance. i worked together on solutions that foster economic development in the united states, and i know that the administration in congress know the value of manufacturing in the united states, and the work we did on the free trade agreement with south korea was fantastic. this is all about creating an environment where businesses can grow, especially led by manufacturing, and we're going to be exporting the explorer from chicago because of what we've done to improve our competitors in the united states to 94 countries around the world so there's no reason that we
3:25 pm
can't do this in the united states if we have a laser focus on creating an environment where businesses can grow. liz: good news. as you look over the right shoulder at the sparkly grill, that atlas is something. you know, i look at concept cars, though, alan, as a unicorn. you see them once at auto shows, and then they never really materialize on dealership floors. will we see that car behind you? that truck in some form at dealerships in the future? >> yes, and to your point, liz, the neatest thing over the last six years, we, on every concept car we have had, we wanted to communicate where that design, where that capability was going and where we were taking it so there are concept cars, but they have a clear indication of where we are going to be improving the vehicle. to your point. liz: well, it looks built ford tough. i got to see that thing, that monster. >> built ford tough, indeed. liz: alan mulally thank you very
3:26 pm
much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. liz: a fox business exclusive, charlie on the hedge fund herbal life war. stay tuned. ♪ what are you doing?
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liz: outspoken herbal life ceo urges charlie to quote, and i quote, peel back one. a banana? not an onion? >> no, banana. >> and watched the hot power go after the short seller. what do they have in mind? charlie with the latest. what do you mean, a banana? >> like a monkey just sitting there, taking notes, and attacking the company -- >> you're not. >> no, listen, the -- liz: just checking. >> the company thinks it's fair, and chapman made comments to me, but he's in the know about herbal life. liz: long in the stock. >> he likes it. from what i understand people at
3:31 pm
the company tell me he's plugged in with management there so they are with him, and what he essentially said to me, so i think this is true, that david, the lawyer that herbal life is hired to go after akman doing the short selling has short cases involving stock manipulation, that they believe that akman through his short sale and the comments, quote-on-quote, ma napelate -- manipulated the stock. what that is, how it's done, they will not tell me. i will say this, talking to people close to the company the last couple days, they believe, and, remember, i interview des, and when i asked, all they said is we called the fcc. he would not go beyond that. i was like, well, he's number two. he called you, you called them back? he didn't get into it. behind the scenes now, these investigations reopened, the fcc is doing an investigation, they prompted it by complaining about
3:32 pm
akman and basically complains that he's a stock manipulator. how he's doing it? i don't know. why he's manipulating the stock to be short? i don't know. there's been other cases of this type in the past. fairfax financial hired high profile attorneys and basically to go after sac capital. dan lobe, long in herbal life and others colluded together to short sell the stock, put out false information and drive the stock down. the stock didn't go down. the stock essentially recovered and did pretty well, but their case failed. the case failed because it's hard to prove stock manipulation. apparently, according to chapman, what they are doing, preparing on the legal end, have not filed lawsuit yet, involves stock manipulation. what the company says is behind the scenes, the fcc got involved and interested because of the complaints about akman involving essentially stock manipulation. liz: it's not manipulation to
3:33 pm
short a stock, but explain first he takes the massive position, moves the markets, he's a big guy doing target, j cpenny, he is involved. the blogs pick him up. >> why is it manipulation? liz: not saying it is. >> you're allowed to do that, it's the first amendment. markets are in the short term imperfect; right? as you know, long term, more reliable, and what happens is markets digest information. they all have information, and chapman has information. liz: and akman says it's a pyramid scheme? >> the fraud he thinks is going on. they don't sell many products, and all it does is get people to sell the products, districters, and those, and basically pay a fee, the more districters, the fees come in, and they all over the world. liz: shakes and vitamins. the building's been on the 405
3:34 pm
for a hundred years in l.a.. >> really? they are downtown now. liz: they might be. it's been awhile. >> that's what they told me. yeah, it's been around for years, this company. i can't remember if i tried a shake. they promised me to let me try. i'm big into protein shakes, but anyway -- liz: hope you have bananas, peel it off. >> this degrades the guy in my view. just because i sat there and asked the ceo tough questions, which, by the way, he answered pretty well, you know what i'm saying and raised issues that i'm some sort of a, just sitting there like, you know, typing away. liz: fair to say you don't reflect before him as some other journalists. >> yells at me, and we should point out i e-mailed bill, no comment as of now, maybe later today, in, as you know, burma scuba diving. liz: i didn't. >> yes, you did. i told you last week.
3:35 pm
liz: was not a top priority. >> when you call me a monkey, that's just stupid. stupid; right? liz: the deal breaker people are like charlie was called a monkey. >> whatever. they are telling me it's a wrap. that was the legal department telling me to shut up. liz: charlie, you'll have more, come down, let us know if he does. 26 minutes before the closing bell rings. the kids and the thing and those who know about skylander, is there a marriage somehow in a way between the two? disney unvailing a gaming initiative called infinity today including the integration of disney characters and pixar characters and toy pieces you can use online, but will the new plan get enough love from investors? dennis kneale has the story. that's next. ♪
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>> i'm san gray smith with the fox business brief. reiterating a warning that a delay in raising the federal debt ceiling could cause the u.s. to lose its aaa credit rating. the debate creates a, quote, potentially dangerous mechanism for enforcing fiscal displain. investors remain bearish for usa compression partners on the new york stock exchange debut. the pricing of the initial offering of 11 million shares at $18 each fell short of the estimated range. usa compression is the first ipo of 2013. according to the national retail federation, shoppers spent 23%
3:41 pm
more than the year before, that number fell below the trade group's own forecast of more than 4%. the nrf says economic uncertainty tempered consumer enthusiasm. we continue the "count down to the closing bell" with liz claman. ♪ >> feels like it's about time to look at dell. they checked dell yesterday. it is soaring again, and investors anticipating a buyout deal. back to nicole on the new york stock exchange. the story is maybe he's boing going private with private equity. >> right. this, no u doubt, is a lead story throughout the week. how is it fairing now? for this week, we've seen dell, yesterday and today, collaboratively, up almost 20% on this essential buyout talks. you're talking about tpg, silver lake, that they may join with investors and pension funds make the offer and move forward. that's why dell is jumping.
3:42 pm
by the way, michael dell talked about going private back in 2010 so it's become on the table again, and that's what is causing dow to soar. i want to take a look though at hp. that is a dow component, and, obviously, a big competitor of the dell. here it is today. right now, down 2.5% for this dow component. coming under pressure while in the meantime we're watching dell soar. back to you. liz: thank you very much. disney interactive counting on monsters and pirates for a big push in the very long struggle to really win in the video game business. dennis kneale has a big anowdgesment today. dennis? >> yes, $3.5 billion, how much they spent on losses and acquisitions in the last decade to be a power player in video games. $75, that's a high price for the starter pack that lets you plunge into a new disney world online. the mouse house unvailed disney infinity, a new game platform
3:43 pm
that will, for the first time, let players mash together characters and create new worlds to hang out together. now, the first three characters, sully, jack sparrow, and mr. incredible. now, that's $75 starter pack comes with three action figures of the disney superstars. insert buzz light year into the infinity base, and the monsters world, or in this case, the toy story world pops up on the playstation or x box 360, or you can have sully compete in a new world you, yourself, design in the way that andy in the kid with toy stories mashes andy and buzz light year. now, disney says this is, quote, the most ambitious gaming initiative ever. that's saying something. look how much disney invested and lost in the game business, some $3.5 billion in losses and
3:44 pm
acquisitions, buying the social gaming upstart, and club penguin, and they hope to reap returns on investments, liz. liz: my kids loved the club and made igloos, but that's all it does. this, you have to buy the toys; right? >> and club penguin, disney bought that frd outside. this credited inside disney taking huge effort on divisions and turf battles, and disney is the ultimate control freak. they don't give up control of the characters like they have here, to let you, the game player, to do what you want with them. liz: we'll ask. we'll talk to the guy in charge, john, disney interactive co-president, see if he thinks this takes disney to infinity and beyond. it's about wrestling dollars out of tiny little kids' fists. that's what my kid does. it's $14, i need it, this big. thank you.
3:45 pm
closing bell ringing in 17 minutes. small caps making a big impact in the market right now. the next guest, he picks through thousands of them. look for sound fundamental les, low debt when trolling the universe for real opportunity. what he loves is shoe carnival because of its strong footprint. find out what out don hodges, hodges capital management committee is buying in a fox business exclusive. he's got a terrific. you have to hear what he has to say. ♪ upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock
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>> fox business market check, small cap stocks measured by the russell 2,000 up 6% over the past month.
3:50 pm
that out performs the s&p 500 which is only seening a gain of 4%. that leads us to the top performers. all biotech names. interesting. therapeutics, shares up more than 50% over just the past month. the company is taking off on upbeat clinical trials. next in line is biotyne, jumping up 55%, and this month's big time small cap winner, have you heard of this? look on the screen, pacific biosciences of california. shares up more than 60, 6-0, over the past month with a 5% gain just today alone. the stock getting a lift earlier this mornt -- month as technology is used in a study by the fda. that's the thing about these biotech chains. they have dramatic moves on single pieces of news. you have to be careful, but that said, january effect happening early? january effect meaning they do
3:51 pm
well, but we're barely into january and look what's happening. the next guest loves small caps regardless of the time of year or what's happening in washington. don hodges, hodges capital management founder, chairman of the management committee and portfolio manager joining me now? a fox business exclusive from dallas, texas, and, don, nice to see you. happy new year. i wanted people to know why to listen to you. you're hodges small cap fund, one year performance up 21%, over three years, up 19%, five years, up 11%. i like the returns. how do you do it? what's the picture here on your tricks? >> oh, i think our secret is just concentrating on companies. there's all sorts of information in the marketplace about what the market's going to do or what's going on in europe or what's happening in washington, but we don't give a whole lot of
3:52 pm
credence to those things, although there's always a backdrop to what's going on, but we spend time researching companies, and it's an endeavor that we pursue every day where we're talking to small and mid cap companies constantly. we have five research analysts who, i think, are very good, and over the period of the last 12 months, they've had about 2100 contacts with companies, and that is involves about 660 different companies, but it's a question of research and focusing, having a passion for what's going on in companies. liz: well, let's talk about that because, you know, i think it's important to point out here. you look at the intrinsic value of a company and fundsmentals versus a headline and not that facebook is a small cap, but, today, you would have tuned out the headline of what they were announcing and looked more at what are their ad sales number, ect. so if you were to pick those apart, look at, what, cash
3:53 pm
position? i know your concerned about dealt. you don't like big debt levels; right? >> absolutely, and we'll occasionally venture into a company that has quite a bit of debt if the other factors are so overwhelming that the debt isn't, you know, the big issue, but we start out, basically, very fundamentally looking at the asset value of a company, their cash position, the amount of debt they have, the quality of the management. they are just many, many things that go into evaluating a company, and there's every kind of company that you can imagine out there for us to look at. liz: well, some of the most widely held stocks, for example, cracker barrel, trinity industries, chico is up there, viewpoint financials, but a couple of your picks, three of them are now based sort of in a derivative way on the auto industry, and one is nothing to
3:54 pm
do with automobiles, but you like belo, an advertising company in a way. tell me about why you like this one and where you got the idea through the auto industry. >> well, they basically was an investment because the stock got entirely too cheap. it's sold down to a little over a dollar a share. they own 20 television stations, and 11 of their markets, they are either number one or number two in ranking. belo is a very fine well run television company, and it generates a lot of cash. it has earnings. they paid a special dividend of 25 crepts -- cents a share on top of the regularly quarterly dividend of 8 cents a share this past december, and it's a very healthy company, and the automobile business is doing
3:55 pm
more advertising, i think, than i've ever seen. liz: let me interrupt you because there's lithia motors is up there as well as other plays. you like group automotive. u.s. financials is something else you like, but carnival shoes. we have a couple seconds left. what is it about the company? it was focused on fox business yesterday, and sure enough, here you are picking it. how long have you owned it, and what do you like about it? >> i'm sorry, i didn't understand the question about which company. >> oh, shoe carnival. >> oh, shoe carnival. shoe carnival is a rapidly growing shoe retailer, we think they are going to continue to have good growth. they are opening a number of new stores every year. the shoe business, particularly, the ladies' shoe business, is very, very healthy.
3:56 pm
liz: okay. >> and we think it could be a candidate for a takeout sometime. liz: okay. good to see you, don, thank you for joining us. we'll put all the picks up on the facebook page. >> thank you, thank you, liz. liz: sure. we'll be right back. >> i appreciate it. before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes.
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